Halal: 100% pure

Moreover, besides the strict quality standards like IFS, ISO and HACCP, there are specific Halal standards for the Islamic market. Mekkafood processes and produces only Halal meat products.


A very accurate registration and monitoring system is applied to all Mekkafood products. This system, and the quality and hygienic measures create a 100% reliable Halal production process.


Mekkafood is halal certified.


Guaranteed quality

Legislative authorities put great demands on foods. Especially for Halal products, these rules are defined strictly. Today, Mekkafood works according to HACCP and ISO standards and is IFS and Halal certified.


IFS Certified (International Food Standard)


The IFS is the European quality standard for food and retail trade. Mekkafood complies with all demands with regards to HACCP, hygiene and quality management and therefore has acquired the IFS-Certificate (99,66 % higher level).



Traceability of the production process


At Mekkafood, the complete production chain from raw material to end product has to be watched closely. This watchfulness starts with the selection of the suppliers. All meat comes from certified Halal slaughterhouses. The products are delivered in hygienically sealed plastic containers.


When the products have been delivered, they are accurately checked for temperature and origin. A unique barcode is assigned to every part of the production line; an identification, which enables the producer and the inspection authorities to trace the origin in every stage: delivery, production, packing and logistics. Even after a number of years, Mekkafood can prove with this registration that a Halal product has been produced and treated completely in accordance with the regulations. Because of the identical barcode from the production to the packing line, production errors are impossible.


Hygiene: optimum clean


Every day, all machines are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. No matter the cost of delay, a machine which is not approved for cleanliness will be cleaned again completely. Health authorities also check the governmentally prescribed cleaning. This monitoring is related to the HACCP standard to ensure the quality of foods. Mekkafood works according to these strict guidelines and thereby guarantees food safety.