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Mekkafood offers a wide
range of top quality
meat specialties.

Mekkafood Halal deep-freeze products:
tasty and top quality

Mekkafood Halal products are famous for its rich flavour. High quality meat, the aroma of a wide palette of herbs and spices and passionate cookery – all adds to extremely delicious dishes.


Since 1993, Mekkafood has offered you more than 30 Halal deep-frozen products, from Lahmacun to Döner Kebab, from party snacks to a complete meal. But internationally renowned specialties like the German bratwurst, Dutch frikandells and Belgian boulettes also belong to the assortment.


Mekkafood products do not only taste very good, they are also guaranteed 100% Halal. In Arabic, Halal means „pure“ and indicates that it has been produced according to Islamic rules. Halal standards determine which animals humans are allowed to consume and how the meat has to be prepared. Halal meat consists of natural products and is considered very healthy.


Mekkafood stands for quality and the most
refined taste. Delicious beef, lamb and
chicken meat, ideal for the lover of
oriental cuisine and for people who are
required to eat Halal by religious conviction.
Also a must for consumers who want to
present something different on the table!


Delicious specialties for everyone´s taste!