Sucuk Pizza

The new sucuk pizza from Mekkafood will make every pizza lover’s heart joy with joy: Crispy thin pizza base, topped with spicy sucuk sausage, creamy mozzarella, green olives and a fried egg. The combination of selected ingredients for our sucuk pizza offers a surprise with its unusual and unique flavour. Try for yourself!

What exactly is sucuk?
Sucuk is a very popular spicy sausage, particularly in Turkish and the Arabic region. However, there is also sucuk made with lamb or veal. The tasty garlic sausage can be used in many ways and can be combined in many different dishes. It is often served at breakfast with scrambled or fried egg or in a pida (Turkish flatbread).

The preparation times given are average values. Therefore, we recommend you try different cooking times for yourself.

oven200°C 6-14 Min. min.