The Mekkadöner conquers the BBB

Mekkafood had promised the visitors of the Horecava exhibition in Amsterdam new products. The fact that the new Mekkadöner had even won the Foodexpress Trendwatch Award at the exhibition, has underlined Mekkafood’s innovation power.

From 22 to 25 January 2007, the MECC in Maastricht (NL) will be the stage for the BBB exhibition for restaurant, hospitality and catering professionals. After being very successful and receiving increasing attention lately, Mekkafood will now present itself to the professional world of gastronomy in Maastricht. More than 300 exhibitors will be represented and also this time, it’s all about finding the best of the best – to award those, who create modern food and meet the market’s needs through exceptional innovation. That’s why Mekkafood’s invitation to the BBB exhibition is not only an encouragement, but at the same time also the recognition of Mekkafood’s ability to create an increasingly distinct profile in an upcoming branch.

For many years, Mekkafood has been an acknowledged specialist in various halal snacks, from croquettes to lahmacun. With the Mekkadöner, the company from Nettetal-Kaldenkirchen has again drawn the attention of the branch. The run by the Horecava visitors was enormous and also the interest of the press points at a superior market success for the new Mekkafood product.

The Mekkadöner is a complete meal. Especially interesting for the snack sector and therefore soon present at large gatherings, in big kitchens or for example in amusement parks. With the Mekkadöner, Mekkafood presents a new concept, ideal for today: the döner meat is supplied with a fitting sauce in a special fast food wrapping. Along with for example a portion of French fries, a tasty meal is prepared quickly and easily.

Mekkafood has proved its ability to innovate the traditional döner. A visit to the Mekkafood stand Z.1513 at the BBB exhibition for restaurant, hospitality and catering professionals is definitely worthwhile.