Inspiration for bonvivant

Food Week, the exhibition for grocer’s shops and delicacy, is taking place during 28th to 30th September in Utrecht- the Netherlands. Here are presented international companies for the supermarket branch. Mekkafood won’t lose this opportunity but will put his best instincts on display!


Mekkafood, who is specialized on oriental cuisine which is reminding the fairy tales of Thousand and One Nights from 1993 on, pampers his clients with high qualitative meat, aromatic spicery and caring preparation, summarized Mekkafood cares about his clients from tip to toe.


Grocer’s shops or supermarkets; nobody could resist the seducing taste of Mekkafood products. Attend the biggest taste-adventure and discover the products of Mekkafood.As usual, Mekkafood has again developed a unique new product that stimulates your taste buds and meets critical demands of the supermarket: an original, hand-made Turkish speciality, the Turkish pizza (lahmacun).

First introduced in the second century before Christ, in April 2009 Mekkafood has turned this traditional product into real delicacy. Following old traditions, a thin, flat, flexible doughy base is covered with a spicy ragout of minced beef and chicken, onions and tomato sauce. Lahmacun can be served as a pizza or as a filled wrap. A real pleasure, as a hot main course, as a snack, or as a side dish! It’s ready in just three minutes - in the oven or cooking pan.


Follow your nose to stand B021 in hall 3, and let us tempt you with a traditional Turkish pizza, the Mekkafood Lahmacun!