Visions for new markets

The modern world is coming together more and more. Already, a multicultural society has grown, formed by mutual acceptance. Open-mindedness and respect are inevitable – also with regards to food. Traditions and faith often determine the rule, that what is daily fare for one, doesn´t appear on the menu of another.

Since 1993, Mekkafood is building bridges, connecting people and bringing everyone together at one table. Mekkafood´s guaranteed 100% Halal meat products appeal to everyone. We have only beef, lamb or chicken in our assortiment, all produced according to strict Islamic rules. As such, Mekkafood is the market leader in deep-frozen 100% Halal meat specialties.

An important part of our corporate philosophy is the concentration at the Nettetal-Kaldenkirchen head office where we produce, store and distribute. Our own refrigerated trucks deliver the wares directly to the refrigerators in the store – this way, full monitoring from the production to the seller is guaranteed. That´s why Mekkafood is also IFS-certified (International Food Standard). Recently, in 2005, an ultramodern production facility has been put into operation.

Mekkafood offers a varied assortment of more than 30 articles. The traditional sales successes are Adana Kebab, Lahmacun – Turkish Pizza or Döner Burger. The clientele expands more and more. Part of our clientele are lovers of oriental dishes, consumers out of religious conviction, or those who are just looking for new culinary discoveries.

Our new products, Nettetaler sausage, frikadells and partysnacks, really show the culinary connections achieved by Mekkafood. These typically German, but surprisingly spiced specialties are now finally suitable for everyone. Mekkafood´s marketing-manager Alev Ekoc, a muslim herself, eating strictly according to the Islamic rules, confirms this: „Of course, German food and typical specialties have always interested me. Now I can also enjoy it, because our products are all guaranteed 100% Halal.“

The Nettetaler sausage is the first deep-frozen chicken sausage, 4 in a 500 gram pack. Also the deep-frozen chicken frikadel is persuasive with a completely new taste – only one of its kind. Eight readymade frikadells are sold per 1000 grams. There´s diversity in the 500 gram pack partysnacks. 5 mini frikadells, mini ribburgers, mini balls and Nettetaler mini sausages, 25 grams each, have been shaped into tasty bites – ideal as crispy Fingerfood to dip.

With these new and surprising meat specialties, Mekkafood completes it´s product line up. As always, the market leader from Nettetal-Kaldenkirchen is innovative and focused on the future, but above all provided with a reliable feeling for new sales prospects – with visions for new markets.