Quality and halal standards

Quality and halal standards

Quality comes first!
Halal standards are highly valued at Mekkafood. We aim for strict control mechanisms within our organisation to ensure that all consumers can enjoy our specialties without worries.

Mekkafood's registration and control systems have been set up according to halal guidelines. To our quality guarantee systems such as IFS, ISO and HACCP standards, we have added a halal standard for the Islamic market. When applied in combination with our quality and hygiene policies, this control system guarantees a transparent and watertight production process. Even years after production, Mekkafood is able to demonstrate irrefutably that our halal products have been produced and processed entirely according to the regulations. This enables Mekkafood to permanently guarantee food safety.

Halal standards
Mekkafood has been halal-certified by Halal Europe (Islamic Centre Aachen), Prof. Mohammad Hawari's reputable halal inspection service. That is to say that this inspection service has completely halal-certified snack manufacturer Mekkafood, guaranteeing the halal standard of all frozen products by Mekkafood in compliance with international halal standards.

It is self-evident to us that no additives that are not in accordance with the halal philosophy are ever used in our specialties. Therefore all our ingredients are strictly halal: from meat to sauces and from herbs to cheeses.

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