About Mekkafood

Rich flavours, high-quality ingredients and the aromas of a varied spice palette - our approach to food has allowed Mekkafood to become market leader after 20 years in the business of halal frozen products in the Benelux. To this day we are still supplying customers with specialties made with the greatest care and finest ingredients. In short: the art of passionate cooking!

As one of the first providers of a varied assortment of halal specialties, Mekkafood introduces its consumers to delicacies from various cuisines. This ranges from traditional Dutch specialties like frikandellen or kroketten, to exotic dishes from the Mediterranean region. We've made sure our assortment has something to please every palate!

By continuously exchanging recipes, ideas and flavours from various world cuisines, Mekkafood endeavours to bring cultures, and especially people, closer together. 'Honest products for everyone' has been Mekkafood's trusted motto for many years. No one is excluded, in other words!

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